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Leadership Coaching for Engagement through Succession

  • Creating Insight & Awareness
  • Mobilizing & Implementing Action
  • Maintaining & Sustaining Growth

Aligning employees with corporate cultureĀ inspires action, executes creative solutions and removes obstacles to overcome challenges and create opportunity.

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We are committed to advancing thought in the talent management field through research.

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We are Hazell & Associates/Career Partners International, a boutique talent management and career transition firm with an unshakable commitment to quality. Since 1979, we have been living and coaching our values: enrichment, relationships, character, inspiration and above all, quality.

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Our industry-leading Online Career Portal, Momentumā„¢, offers interactive exercises to help candidates build a sales package to market themselves to employers. This all-in-one resource is designed to enable you to conduct an effective job search.

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"Hazell helped me, in outplacement speak, to re-invent myself."

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