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Hazell & Collins Associates has a fulsome team of coaches with diverse talents and tools to support organizations through various stages of change and maturation.
- Joby McKenzie, SVP Business Development, Lifelabs
Through HCA's approach with our Senior Leadership team, the team shifted their environment into one of high performance, team collaboration and step function improvement in their outcomes. That cultural shift has been foundational to the success the team is experiencing today.
- Pierre Bou-Mansour, COO, Lifelabs
I found my coaching experience to be just excellent. I gained some very valuable insights into my personality characteristics and leadership style. Without my coach I don't believe I would have been able to adapt as well to my new role.
- Heather Driver, Director, FSCO
This was one of the best career enhancing processes that I've ever experienced. This was a phenomenal opportunity - what a gift!
- Michelle Seguin, Legal Aid Ontario
HCA's approach was fun, innovative, direct and respectful. It was always amazing to me the new insights I would have (and I'm sure the other participants had as well) following each session.
- Mark Vimr, VP, Patient Care, Rouge Valley Health System
The HCA team has developed strong internal relationships with employees and leaders which has resulted in customized talent development solutions which fit our culture and organization.
- Michael Salvatori, CEO and Registrar, Ontario College of Teachers
Hazell helped me, in outplacement speak, to re-invent myself.
- Michael Benedict, Principal, MCB Strategies
Their program of career and personal evaluation gave me not only direction in the early stages of my career transition, but also a sense of purpose.
- Julie Wiggins, Transcontinental Media